Pony Brandmovie

Born in Manhattan back in 1972, long before anyone gave a flying Swoosh, PONY was founded by Uruguay-born entrepreneur Roberto Muller, a charismatic maverick who lived life by the seat of his pants. Literally the heart and sole of the company, Muller created Pony in his own image,which is to say it was equal-parts energetic, rambunctious and oh-so-ambitious. Within a few short years, this self-styled Yankee swagger had PONY strutting the globe at the vanguard of a new era in athletic colonialism.

As PONY moves forward, it seeks inspiration from a new generation of resilient and determined creative
entrepreneurs that are re-defining the cultural landscape on their own terms. Through collaborations, connections, and a dedication to the original ethos – what defined PONY’s formative years inspires and represents its future.


Client: PONY Shoes
Video: Venour
Music: Six Feet High
Sound Design: Six Feet High
Voice-Over: Ricky Powell