We identify with sound.

At Six Feet High we are driven by our passion for audio. By tuning in to your story, we create custom music and sound design that will reflect the identity of your brand and project. From developing audio direction, music composition, sound design up until the final mix and delivery. We can take care of your project from start to finish.

Every story needs a soundtrack.

Your story is unique, the way it sounds should be no different. That’s why we only create custom music. We start by working out a concept and advice you on different styles and perspectives. After we know what music fits your story, we press record.

Sound design
The art of noise.

Ants leaving their footprint, an eagle that soars the sky, secret whispers, heavy impacts, a squeaky bicycle or a raging motorbike…everything has its own sound. We create that sound.

Post-production & Mix
Making it sound, like it’s supposed to.

Good produced audio is the result of a balanced combination of different elements. Voice-over, dialogue, music, sound design and ambiences. When everything comes together, we prevent it from getting messy. We proportion the ingredients for you, while understanding when to go all out and when less is more.


Does your project need audio to take it to a higher level? We would love to hear from you!